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Small Commercial Buildings

State energy codes allow an automatic shut-off of lighting through a “time switch” which is usually considered to be an inexpensive method of complying to the shut-off requirements.

The GR2400 system is so flexible that it can be used for either parking lots or an entire parking structure allowing for maximum flexability.

Our controls are easy to use, and at the same time flexible enough to meet seasonal schedule changes, which we can do over a phone line, free for the life of the system.

Restaurants need easy to use controls that are flexible enough to handle both last minute and seasonal schedule changes which the GR2400 system can easily provide.

With most high-rise building, design and construction occur first followed by tenant improvements. The GR2400 System is ideal for such an application because of its scalability.

Lighting for Learning: Discover a wide array of lighting and control combinations for schools offering high-visual comfort and quality, while maintaining low energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Improve the K-12 learning environment with lighting controls that incorporate daylight, proven by studies to improve student grades.

Unity GX graphical lighting control software provides visual control and management of lighting from any computer connected to the GR2400 system.

Digital controls offer solutions to a number of hospital lighting needs, and can help any medical facility improve the patient’s experience while saving energy.

Need LEED points for your retail retrofit project? With LEED® Retail Commercial Interiors, tenants and designers can make sustainable choices after construction is completed!

Increase energy savings by equipping dimmable skylights with your project’s GR2400 100% digital lighting control system.

Learn to integrate lighting controls with skylights with this informative application guide. Review design recommendations for warehouses, big box retail and classrooms applications.

Discover the vast possibilities of lighting control versatility using our XPoint Fixture-Level Digital Control system of networked relays.

Save wall space with a single unit that conveniently packages relay and breaker panels together.

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